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X-Camp training is an intense leadership and endurance program set up to enhance participants’ survival skills through outdoor challenges. The elements of this program are similar to the preparations space shuttle and aviation crews go through before being added to active flight status. Participants learn to blend into their environment
- Draw up plans to survive in the most hostile of conditions
- Test body and mind with the use of high and low wire training
- Escape from a helicopter crash in the lake
- Evade the enemy,
- Build confidence by mastering the 32 foot pamper pole
- Brave the climbing tower which soars 42-feet and involves three different experiences: climbing wall, Repel Platform and 380- foot Zip Line.
- Work in teams to survive
Participants of X-Camp can proudly earn partial to full badges/awards:
- Astronomy
- Aviation
- Fire Safety
- Backpacking
- Orienteering
- Life Saving
- Camping
- Space Exploration
- Canoeing
- Swimming
- Climbing
- Wilderness Survival

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