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There are numerous high-tech space equipment and rides which participants learn to use and just have fun with. All designed to explore and feel the weightlessness and lack of control astronauts experience during missions. These include:
- Hubble telescope to explore the planets
- Hanging Harness of Freedom to repair the space station
- Zero-G-Wall simulator to simulate weightlessness in space
- Hydroponics laboratory to grow food in outer planets environment
- One-Sixth Microgravity Simulator to experience walking on the moon
- MMU to simulate microgravity of space
- 5DF, or Five Degrees of Freedom, which floats and spins on air
- Multi-Axis simulates the disorientation and lack of control during reentry into the earth’s atmosphere.
- Scuba environment that simulates microgravity of space
- Mission to Mars to feel the environment encountered on mars

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