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SpaceWorld’s inspiring facility, state-of-the-art experiential programs and excellent guest services provide the winning combination for corporate team building exercises, sales meetings and special memorable events. The Out-Of-This-World professional development and reward programs have helped to develop leaders and strengthen management and work teams globally.
The programs adopt immersive Corporate Space, Aviation and Survival experiences that are as memorable as they pleasantly:
- Build individual skills
- Strengthen team bonding
- Discover leadership potential
- Teach Goal building
- Sort out the team players
- Provide a sense of achievement
- Experience communication techniques under stress
Corporate SPACE CAMP offers a unique and dynamic atmosphere by combining interactive team activities, simulated astronaut training, space shuttle missions and classroom sessions.
Corporate AVIATION CAMP combines the thrill of simulated jet fighter pilot training with interactive classroom sessions to tackle issues faced in the corporate environment - teamwork, competition, communication, problem solving and leadership.
Corporate X-CAMP pushes the limit and ups the ante as individuals and teams compete under induced stress and time critical conditions. Their mission is to complete physical and mental obstacles consisting of high and low ropes, land and water survival.

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