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Aviation Challenge uses a program based on actual military fighter and test pilot training where participants learn a variety of skills. Through flight simulations they learn about aerodynamics, aeronautics, propulsion, flight planning and navigation. This motivates them to pursue math and science studies in preparation for aerospace and other high-technology careers.
In mach I simulators, participants learn how to fly in the cockpit of the USAF f-15 Strike Eagle or in the cockpit of a navy F/A-18 Super Hornet.
In mach II simulators, participants learn to fly high performance jets in a two man cockpit. They take part in search, rescue and survival missions as if they where U.S. Navy Seals.
In mach III, participants learn to fly in a supersonic jet fighter simulator. They work with a squadron to become top aviators and learn to survive a crash at sea in a “helo dunker”.

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